Continuous Data Protection

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) allows us to run close to continuous data backups of all our servers and customer data.

We have deployed a private network between separate datacenters in order to perform CDP backups to off-site secure locations, providing ultimate peace of mind even during “worst case” scenarios where data recovery is required.

R1Soft’s technology works at disk sector level, rather than traditional file level. The solution delivers bare-metal disaster recovery meaning in the worst possible circumstances we could completely restore a server from a very recent backup in a matter of minutes not hours. Near-continuous data protection means the difference between losing only minute’s worth of data in the face of a disaster compared to days or weeks.

Many hosting providers take backups, but they often go untested for reliability, with nobody knowing how well those backups will restore, and in many cases they are not sufficiently up to date. With Continuous Data Protection we maintain an ultra reliable, extremely recent copy of all data, and its stored well away from its primary facilities.

Our new off-site CDP backups provide our clients with complete peace of mind. If a customer deletes a file by mistake, it can be restored, but also in the face of any major catastrophe we have a secure, off-site copy of all data which can be restored to new servers in record time.